Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gold Necklaces

Dear SLC customers,

For the past few weeks, I have had some customers comment that the gold necklaces that they have are beginning to have a slight tarnish at the neck area.

The reason for this happening is that the copper necklaces are gold plated and when they get in touch with perfume or perspiration or other kinds of foreign liquid, it will have a slight turn in colour.

I have offered to replace the chain, out of goodwill, to other gold plated designs. For future purchases of gold necklaces, I would strongly encourage you to take extra care of it, by wiping it clean after each wear and to keep it in a box/bag, in a cool place.

SLC customers will be assured that those certain designs of chains that I received feedback for will be discontinued.

For future products, I will be using better quality gold chains, though it will definitely cost more, I will try my best to keep the sale price low. Each item description will also include the kind of gold chains used to avoid any misunderstanding.

Just a little pointer:
14K gold FILLED chains are available, but they are very pricey, because they actually have 20% of gold in them. They dont tarnish that easily and the colour lasts longer. I would be able to use those kind of chains, but they come in limited designs and up front payment would have to be transferred to me first before making any changes.

I sincerely thank everyone for their honest feedback and comments. I really appreciate it. I hope you girls will continue to support this little business of mine and I'll continue to provide all with more designs in future!

Thank you!

Love, Jasmine

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