Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update - 26 Dec

Hi ya girls,

Just an update of my life for the past 1 week and the Xmas Online Fleamarket sale. I am proud to say that it was a success! I sold almost 70% of my items and many precious goodies were snapped up within the first 2 days. They have found lovely homes and sweet buyers and I am glad I made someone happy with my creations. Thank you all for your support! Couldnt have been so successful without you girls! And to those who met up with me to collect the items too, you girls are the best and its nice to finally meet you all!

The past few days have been rather quiet, considering that it was the festive season and everyone is in a holiday mood.. just had dinner with my family at home and then caught The Warlords (Andy Lau, Jet Li & Jing Cheng Wu - he's the cutest!) & I am Legend - my fav kind of movie, Resident Evil style. Not a bad long holiday and its back to work today.

I think I need some time to make new stuff as they have all been sold at the Fleamarket.. so give me some time! Meanwhile, I have a new batch of cameos coming up, vintage ladies + wicked pirates, they arrived a while ago but was so busy with work, life and the flea.. so finally they are ready for sale..

Will post them up soon. Happy New Year and all the best in life to all..

Tata, till then..

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