Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SLC on vacation from 13 to 19 June

Sweet Little Corner is on vacation from 13 to 19 June
Dear girls, yep, I am finally taking that long awaited holiday. Short one but am really looking forward to it. I might not have internet access during this period so I'll reply whenever I can, if not on 19 June when I am back.
1. Please do email me your orders early so that payment details can be advised.
2. Funds to be transferred by 11 June so that I can send the packages out by 12 June.
3. Customisations as still most welcome for the next few days, so that I can make them over the weekend and show the pics to you.
4. Other than that, for any queries, I will revert once I am back.
Thank you for your patience! Keep those emails coming..

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