Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Recent Spate of Missing Mails

Dear girls,

Recently, I have had some experiences where my packages has been missing i.e. never reached recepient. Not sure why as well, I have made enquiries to Singpost and the postmen in charge of their "designated" post boxes have politely returned my call, but some to no avail. I understand their situation too and I think they kinda know who I am already. Haha..

Quite disappointed and sad with the way things have turned out. It was never this bad, its like 50% of my packages have gone MIA and I always write my return add behind. I really do hope they show up at my letterbox eventually.

Nonetheless, I hereby STRONGLY RECOMMEND Registered Mail from now on! Although I have to walk a good 15 mins to the nearest one, but its alright, as long as the packages reaches my customers safe and sound, thats most important. I guess its good exercise for me too?

I will do posting out of Registered Mail packages twice a week, only on weekdays (cos weekends they are closed). Will try to mail out as soon as I can but hope you girls will understand if I go 1 or 2 days later, i.e. your mail will reach you one or 2 days later.

If you are in a real rush, you are always welcome to pick it up at my place, Bedok.

Once again, postage charges by SLC:
Local Normal Mail is FREE, and Registered Mail costs $2.50 more.

I apologise for not being responsible for lost mails, but I will definitely do my due dilligence to write down my return add behind for Normal Mail. Hence, pls double check your add before hitting the "Send" button!

I also apologise for the lost mails. I feel as disappointed as you and I will try my best to ensure that it is being minimised.

Thank you all for your patience and time.


Ziwei said...

Sweetheart, don't think too much about the lost items le ok? Cheer up ( Ok fine I know it's saddening) & do think it of a better way, maybe "someone" got the parcels & found that your accessories are too pretty yet being claimed by the wrong owners!

Ok forget it, I'm crapping. Just wanna cheer you up =D! Keep up the good work, oh and don't worry I will flood you with comments hahaha.

- with love, Ziwei

Owner said...

You are so sweet, thats a rather interesting way to put things. I now have a new perspective! Hehe.. thanks for cheering me up, I guess its part and parcel of sending packages. Will definitely recommend registered mail from now on!

Thanks dear!

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