Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Little Corner is now on Facebook!

Hi girls!

The Brain-Storm
I met up with a close friend yesterday and was just asking her ways on how to increase visits to my website. Her, being a marketing guru, suggested that I create a Facebook profile for SLC so I did! And I am glad I did because there were already 3 close customers-turned-friends who already typed in my email add and were requesting to be connected! I am really happy!

Let's Get Exciting...
My friend and I aso discussed about ways to get this Facebook thing a little more exciting, a little more fun, a little more interesting. So we have come up with this idea of having Facebok events. The first one would be 10% off all purchases for any member of Facebook! There will be more events lining up for the year.

This promotion is only for people who adds SLC to their facebook list of friends.

How to add SLC?
Just type "sweetlittlecorner" under the Search Field (on the left) and hit "the magnifying glass". You will see the same SLC logo which is on my website. Click on "Add as friend" and there you are!
You will be automatically be entitled to 10% off any purchase on my website. This promotion can be used together with my current promotion (SLC giving away FREE gifts).

How to order?
When ordering, please type "Facebook, I want to order item name." into the title field. Without the word Facebook, it would be a normal order (no 10% off).

Sorry if I missed you out..
I am still quite new with Facebook, so please pardon me if I miss out any requests. Do email or MSN me if you have any qns and I'll be glad to answer them!

See ya all in Facebook!

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