Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Imported Brooches from France! (ALL SOLD)

Imported Brooches from France! (ALL SOLD)
I recently made friends with this French girl and she had some lovely vintage brooches for sale. When I saw them, I knew I had to get these 2. They are truly one of a kind and vintage as well! I personally love the angel one.
No. 1 for $19.90, Size = 4.5 cm x 4cm
No. 2 for $16.90, Size = 4cm x 2.3cm
Only 1 pc each. No re-stocking.

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Anonymous said...


I'd like to have "Imported Brooch from France No. 1" as well as some charms! =)

C 52 - Vintage 25 x 18 Jade Green Glass Floral Flower Charms x 2 = $4.90

C 47 - Pretty Vintage 20mm Pink Openwork Plastic Beads x 12 = $4.80

Please let me know payment details! Thanks! =)

~Sarah (

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