Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back from Flea Market

Lime Fleamarket @ *Scape
Ahh... after a hot day at the fair, some of my favourite items were sold! It was a success! Arrived at about 11am and started to set up the stall along with my 2 other girlfriends and sis. Drank lotsa coke, had bites of my Long John Silver's and had a blast fixing up the chains onto the Tinkerbell charms that were sold out! It was great to see my customers enjoy the shopping and browsing.. And special Thanks to Anna, Liling, Tish, Baoru and Leen and many others who came down to support me! A lot of new items were sold, especially the new necklaces that were made specially for this event! Good catch people! Here are some of them:

I'll be having one probably in Aug again.. will update you girls via email..

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