Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hi everyone,

I have been missing for quite a while since the fleamarket. Have been really busy with work and making more accessories with new stuff and materials I bought. I dont think the August fleamarket is gonna happen coz we didnt manage to secure the slot.. so maybe at the end of the year!

Things have been good so far, married life and all, and there are new things to look forward to. I havent gone for my honeymoon yet! So i am definitely looking forward to that. One of my dream destinations is Egypt. Have always been fascinated by the pyramids and sphinx and King Tut.. mmmm.. It'll be one of my places to visit in the near future.

I was also experiencing what they call an "artists' block". Its when I suddenly had no inspirations whatsoever. I wont call myself an artist, just someone who loves experimenting with different colours and materials. It was quite a discouraging period for me, I guess most ppl (who make jewelry or other forms of art) experience this once in a while. I was trying to find my own style and had difficulty getting started after a long day at work. But I'm over it now, I miss my beads and charms (especially!) and I wanna thank all my supportive customers who have been asking me where I have been to! Thank you for the constuctive feedback and telling me ways of improving! My dear friend, Jean played a big part too, she keeps encouraging me (even now) and I really appreciate her kind words!

So, here's to a return of me.. but first, I'm gonna take a short trip abroad, just to relax and spend some time with my hubby..

See ya all soon! And keep those emails coming!


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